CBC Community Church,

59 Kelhead Path, 
G52 2QD

Tel no: 0141 370 1252

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Registered charity number Scottish Charity SC041859.

About us

Our History
The church was started in January 2010 when a small group of Christians looking for a place to worship, decided to start their own church. The first meeting took place on the 17th of January in one of the classrooms of Rosshall Academy, and it was quickly realised this was going to be too small. What was to become known as Crookston Baptist Church then decided to hire the main hall, and the church has continued to grow.

The church has a vision and purpose, that we:

  • Should be an authentic community

  • Develop real Disciples of Jesus Christ

  • Make a real impact in the community


The church constitution was accepted by the fledgling church of around 60 members on the 15th June 2010. Since then, the church has continued to attract people from the local community and further away.

In January 2015 Pastor Darnell Starks became our first Pastor.


From Rosshall to Kelhead Path

We recently moved into our own building at 59 Kelhead Path which will allow us to do more within the surrounding communities. 

We will be having a grand opening weekend, starting on the 18th October for 3 days.

where everyone is invited to come along and have a cuppa and chat with us and learn more about 

CBC Community Church.

LEAD pastor:
Darnell Starks